Join Kodingen. Join a revolution!

(This is a guest post by Alex Avendano)

I’m not a developer. I’ve built websites as a hobby for 10 years and counting, and I’ve been getting more into it, but I could never claim to be a developer. That said, I got interested in PHP recently and started looking around for a good site where I could do everything server side; run commands, edit code, and see it live. I found Kodingen while browsing the WordPress featured sites and it was love at first sight. I was able to go from finding Kodingen for the first time to having a live holding page on my own Kodingen domain ( in less than 10 minutes and for no cost. It then occurred to me that Kodingen is the hosting service of the future.

So then I get into it and realize it’s way more than I imagined. Not only is this free, but its feature-rich, high-class material. The entire user interface is intuitive and super easy to use. The control panel gives me at-a-glace access to all of my directories and the point-and-click ability to create, delete, and otherwise edit my files. The account management tools allow me to create new databases, access my FTP information, and best of all, an Apps store to create 1-click installs of entire frameworks. Imagine all the best open-source frameworks, like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, CakePHP, Zend Framework, and literally hundreds more, available at your fingertips and installed with one click. Live, on your free, cloud-based server, in one click.

Despite how valuable just the hosting is, that’s not all you get. Once you’re signed up, which is free, you get access to a vibrant and growing community of developers. “Friend” different developers and work with Friends on projects. Within just the first few days of joining I was talking to multiple new Friends on Kodingen about collaboration. Joining Groups allows you to stay current and post about specific topics; for example there are groups for Ruby on Rails, PHP Developers,  WordPress ,and CodeIgniter.  For those that are code ninjas, you won’t have any questions and you’ll be up to speed quickly after joining. For those that are of the more part-time web hobbyist variety, the growing library of Blog articles and video Tutorials makes sure everyone can reap the full benefits of Kodingen.

I remember reading the company “About Us” page for the first time and feeling inspired. I liked it so much that I couldn’t help but reach out to the founder and tell him so. A few emails later I was working to help Kodingen expand its user base in the Southeast. Working with rest of the team at Kodingen, I hope to help grow Kodingen through guerrilla and local marketing initiatives. I want to build local developer communities all using Kodingen to connect and code. I really believe Kodingen will be a part of every developer’s tool set in the near future, and I’m excited to be on-board to help make that a reality.

The whole idea is that Kodingen is by developers for developers. The site has to make money like everyone else and I respect that, but Kodingen does this through enterprise and feature solutions, keeping hosting and the cloud development environment free for developers and hobbyists. Join Kodingen. Join a revolution.

Did I mention it’s free?